Cailee / 18 / Texas

die hard hufflepuff and college student majoring in management information systems with a minor in history

favorite things

rainy days, dancing with the stars, history, starbucks, and the cast of teen wolf

also, i've gotten myself into a bit of a rare ship situation. stackson, dydia, and stira are everything to me.

what you'll find here

mostly teen wolf, breaking bad, orphan black, supernatural, a few movies & dumb text posts, but if i watch it it'll probably show up sooner or later




Raising Hope s4
Web Therapy s1
Weeds s1
current on Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Suits, & Finding Carter


Friday Night Lights
Uncle Tom's Cabin
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight


Don't Kill the Magic - MAGIC!
X - Ed Sheeran
Baptized - Daughtry
Storyline - Hunter Hayes
Where It ALl Began - Dan + Shay


Boyce Avenue - November 18
past concerts


AKA the fictional characters i adore more than words can come close to describing


alison hendrix
debra morgan
donna paulsen
felicity smoak
lydia martin
mellie grant
peyton sawyer
skyler white


alex karev
cappie jones
desmond hume
jackson whittemore
jesse pinkman
sam winchester
stiles stilinski
troy barnes


stackson network

cailee, eighteen, texas
business major / hufflepuff
i miss jackson whittemore
TSTW faq/tutorial/requests

so, um...where to? wherever you're going.

30 DAY SHIPPING CHALLENGE: most believable (and perfect) relationship
 shawn & juliet (psych) 

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